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Main functions of VINAGAMMA

  • To research and develop applications of radiation technology.
  • To provide radiation processing services such as sterilization of medical products and pasteurization of foodstuff; supply products used in medicine and agriculture for socioeconomic development.
  • To design, construct and provide consulting services of investment of irradiator facilities; directly import and export technologies and equipment in the field of radiation technology.
  • To establish technical infrastructure and train personnel in the field of radiation technology.
  • To co-operate with domestic and oversea organizations for research, training and service in the field of radiation technology.



VINAGAMMA possesses 02 industrial scale irradiators:

 - Gamma irradiator SVST-Co60/B

 - Electron beam accelerator UELR-10-15T

Accessing the VINAGAMMA’s website, you can get useful information as follows:

  • News and events of science and technology
  • Introduction of activities of Research and Development Center for Radiation Technology
  • Legal documents in the field of radiation technology
  • And another information

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