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Be updated : 24-10-2016 13:27:51

Brand: Brabender GmbH & Co.KG

Model: Brabender Measurement and Control System Plastograph

The blending system can mix different materials together (composite, polymer) by heat mixing and pressing method with adjustable time and temperature control. Plastopgraph device can track and record the torque moment during cutting polymer with preset temperature, time and cutting rate. This system is usually used for research of the capability of material processing, manufacturing new materials, extruding materials after mixing.

  • Digitalized engine with 3.8 kW, approximately 200 Nm of torque and speed of 0.2-150 min-1

For more information, please visit: http://www.brabender.com/fileadmin/dateien/gb/download/kunststoff/download/broschueren/alle%20englisch/25055_E_Original_Brabender.pdf

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