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Be updated : 24-10-2016 13:51:18

Model: Shimadzu FTIR 8400S

FTIR spectrometer used to study the fluctuation in the molecular structures, to determine the purity of nature, to speculate about the the symmetry of the molecule or to do quantitative analysis.

  • The advantages of using infrared measuring method compared with other structural analyzing methods (X-ray diffraction, electron magnetic resonance ...) are to provide information about the molecular structure quickly, does not require complex calculation.
  • FTIR contains Michelson interferometer, the light source is Nerst lights / global lamps continuously emitting infrared radiation.
  • Identify and quantify materials: organic compounds, structures, defining homogeneous materials
  • Ability to analyze: adhesive performance, dosing small cast device, layered materials, chemical corrosion.
  • Quality Control Display: Comparison of sample, quantitative way, comparing material from many different samples.



Michelson type with 30° incident angle, dynamic alignment, sealed and desiccated

Optical system

Single beam optics

Beam splitter

Germanium-coated KBr plate

Light source

High brightness ceramic


Temperature controlled high sensitivity detector (DLATGS detector)

S/N ratio

Greater than 20,000:1 (KRS-5 window, 4cm-1, 1 minute, 2200cm-1, P-P)

Wavenumber range

7,800cm-1 - 350cm-1


0.85, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16cm-1

Mirror speed

3 steps; 2.8, 5, 9mm/sec

Data sampling

He-Ne laser

Sample compartment

W200mm x D230mm x H170mm

Data processing functions

Arithmetic operation between spectrum and constant, Arithmetic operation among spectra, Spectral subtraction, Peak detection, Smoothing, Derivative, Baseline correction, Data correction, Normalization, Kubelka-Munk conversion, Kramers-Kronig analysis, ATR correction

Optional programs

IRsolution Agent, PLS quantitation, Curve fitting, Mapping, Macro platform, PharmaReport Program

Validation programs

Compliance to Japanese/European Pharmacopoeia and ASTM


Operation log recording, Software protection by user name/password, Management of user level

FDA 21 CFR Part 11(note1

Electronic signature, Data manipulation history recording, Saving of measured interferogram/ background spectrum/manipulated spectra

Ambient conditions

15 - 30°C

Less than 70%

Power requirement

AC100/120/220/230/240V 50/60Hz 160VA


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