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Be updated : 14-10-2016 08:37:46

Research and Development Center for Radiation Technology possesses modern laboratory systems intended for applied researches in the field of radiation technology, for controlling and assuring the quality of products, such as: Biological Lab, Physical and chemistry Lab, Physical and Mechanical Lab and Dosimetry Lab.

The laboratories of the center are equipped with modern instruments. These were resulted from 02 technical projects aid by International Atomic Energy Agency: the project VIE / 8/010 "Radiation Sterilization of Health Care Products” in the period of 1997-1999 and the Project VIE/8/018 “Applying Electron Beam Technology for Processing Biomaterials” in the period of 2005-2007"
The main activities of the laboratories are aimed at development of applied research in the field of radiation processing; determination of sterilization and pasteurization doses of various products; evaluation of radiation compatibility of materials; and measurement of absorbed doses in irradiated products. Research activities and training works in cooperation with overseas and domestic organizations have been intensively carried out.

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