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Model: Dataphysics OCA 20L          

OCA measuring system was based on the theory of surface tension and contact angle, Youth’s equation. Wetting is the ability of a liquid to maintain contact with a solid surface, resulting from intermolecular interactions when the two are brought together. The degree of wetting (wettability) is determined by a force balance (surface tension) between adhesive and cohesive forces. This form the contact angle between the liquid drop and the solid surface. OCA helps to measure the contact angle to determine the wettability of the solid material, surface tension of the liquid, energy of the solid surface, free energy and other components.


  • Determine the contact angle
  • Determine the free energy of solid surface and other components
  • Determine the purity level of the solid surface (In manufacturing smart phone touch screen ….)
  • Determine the wettability of solid surface


Maximum sample size (L x W x H)

  • 330 x ∞ x 60 mm, 12"-Wafer on WT 300M/E

Size of sample stage (L x W)

  • 160 x 160 mm

Range of contact angle measuring

  • 0 - 180°, ±0.1° measuring accuracy of the video system

Range of surface and interfacial tension:

  • 1.10-2 - 2.103 mN/m. Resolution: min ± 0,05 mN/m



  • High performance six-fold power zoom (0.7 ... 4.5-fold magnification) with an integrated continuous fine focus (± 6 mm).
  • CCD camera with a resolution of max. 768 x 576 square pixel.
  • Field of view (FOV): 1.75 x 1.4 ... 11.7 x 9 mm.
  • Optical distortion: < 0,05 %

Video system


  • high performance image processing system with 132 Mbytes/s data transfer rate (compliant to European standard CCIR and US standard RS-170) up to 50 frames/s digitizing rate

Measuring methods

  • Sessile & Captive Drop method
  • Tilting Plate method
  • Pendant Drop method
  • Optical Wilhelmy Plate and Rod-/Thread method (for the measuring of polymer melts and threads for composite materials, available 3rd quarter of 1998)


  • SCA 20: Video based measurement of static and dynamic contact angles according to the Sessile & Captive Drop method, the Tilting Plate method as well as detection of the contour of drops and lamella, controlling of up to four electronic syringe units and two other optional system components (WTx00E/TBA60E)
  • SCA 21: Calculation of the surface free energy of solids and their components out of the measured contact angles with an unlimited number of different test liquids, analysis according to the methods of Fowkes (geometric mean), Wu (harmonic mean), Extended Fowkes (incl. hydrogen bond parts), Zisman (critical surface tension), Owens-Wendt (dispersion & polar force contributions), van Oss & Good (acid-base theory), Schultz I + II (two liquids method), Neumann's equation of state (EOS)
  • SCA 22: Calculation of the surface and interfacial tension out of the shape of pendant drops 
  • SCA 23: Calculation of the surface tension of liquids and of the contact angle of solids out of the shape of contact lamella on plates, rods and threads (available 3rd quarter of 1998)

Temperature measuring and -range

  • integrated temperature measurement with digital display
  • 2x Pt100-input for -60° ... 450° C (Pt100 optional), 0.1 K resolution; accuracy: 1/3 DIN IEC 751 (± 0,03 %), class B

Size of device (L x W x H)

700 x 280 x 550 mm



Power supply

100 ... 240 VAC; 50 ... 60 Hz; 55 VA


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