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Be updated : 24-10-2016 13:50:32

Model: Shimadzu DTG 60

The DTG-60 series from Shimadzu uses a parallel guide differential top pan balance mechanism that simultaneously measures temperature changes and mass changes between an inert reference and sample. Versions include high-temperature models, H models, and auto sampler models (A models) for a higher level of efficiency. DTG-60 model with a temperature range from ambient to 1,100°C.

DTG-60 machine operates on the basis of these analyzing method below:

  • Thermogravimetry analysis (TG): based on continuous recording changes in sample volume under the change of temperature. Often used in quantitative analysis of physical or chemical changes with changes of volume. Example: Measuring the volume changes due to chemical changes such as dehydration, decomposition, redox,... and the physical changes such as sublimation, evaporation, absorption, absorption past.
  • Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA): used to detect the difference in temperature of the sample and the standard to determine the energy transformation taking place within the sample that is having the physical or chemical changes when it is heated or cooled.

The machine is designed in X-shaped shaft to keep the balance for recording the results sharply and precisely when the volume changes. Two DTA detectors are arranged in balance and very sensitive to any changes in the DTA. One can be designed up to 24 samples for auto analysis in 24 hours.

Example of output:


Balance principle

Parallel guide differential top pan type

Temperature range

Ambient to 1100°C

Measurable range (TG)

± 500 mg

Measurable range (DTA)

± 1000 µV

Weight Readability


Sample quantity

1 g max. in gross weight


Air and inert gas

Dimensions and weight

W: 367 x D: 650 x H: 453 (mm)

Power supply

35 kg DTG-60 AC 100 V, 120 V, 230 V 1300 VA 50/60 Hz

Sample pan for auto samplers


AI crimp pans for DSC-60A/DTG-60A

ø6 x 3 mm (100 pcs)


AI hermetic pans for DSC-60A

ø4.4 x 4 mm (100 pcs), limit pressure 0.3 MPa


AI hermetic pans for DTG-60A/60AH

ø6 x 4 mm (100 pcs), limit pressure 0.3 MPa

Auto TA specifications *4

Number of positions

24 samples/ tray



Analysis and printing

Automatic analysis and print for template format


DTG-60A/60AH W:367 x D:650 x H:453 ( mm )


DTG-60A/60AH 40 kg

Power supply

DTG-60A AC100 V, 120 V, 230 V 1300 VA 50/60 Hz

*1 Needs SSC-30 and crimp kit (P/N 346-68077-91).

*2 Needs sealing press and DSC-60A seal kit (P/N 346-68520-91).

*3 Needs sealing press and DTG-60A seal kit (P/N 346-68797-91).

*4 Refer to DSC-60 and DTG-60/60H specifications for details, such as measurement range.

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