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Model: Jasco V630 –Japan

Spectrophotometer UV - VIS operates on the basis of measuring the light absorption characteristics as well as optical transmission at different wavelengths, the results are obtained quickly and accurately. Particularly, this is used widely in beverage industry to determine the trace elements as well as the targets of food safety. Additionally, the machine can also be used for colorimetric analysis of heavy metals such as Cr, As, Zn, Al, Hg ...

  • Easy to use software: Measure the absorbance, transmittance or optical measurement of the concentration with the concentration factor or factors such as concentration standards µg / ml, mg / ml, g / l, ppb, ppm,%, IU, mM / l, M / l or other concentration values ​​can be inserted by the keyboard, display continuously measured values ​​without rodent reading keys.
  • There are adjustable quantitative and scanning functions that universally bring high efficiency and high accuracy
  • There are concentration and purity calculating function for DNA / protein
  • There are multi-wavelength measurement functions.


Optical system

Single monochromator

1200 lines/mm concave grating

Modified Rowland mount


Light source

Deuterium lamp: 190 to 350 nm

Halogen lamp: 330 to 1100 nm

Light source exchange wavelength

User-selectable within a range of 330 to 350 nm


Silicon photodiode (S1337)

Wavelength range

190 to 1100 nm

Wavelength accuracy

±0.2 nm (at 656.1 nm)

Wavelength repeatability

±0.1 nm

Scanning speed

10 to 8000 nm/min

Slew speed

12,000 nm/min

Spectral bandwidth

1.5 nm (fixed)

Photometric range

±10000 %T

-2 to 3 Abs

Photometric accuracy

±0.002 Abs (0 to 0.5 Abs)

±0.003 Abs (0.5 to 1 Abs)

±0.3 %T (Tested with NIST SRM 930D)

Photometric repeatability

±0.001 Abs (0 to 0.5 Abs)

±0.001 Abs (0.5 to 1 Abs)

Stray light

1 % (198 nm KCL 12 g/L aqueous solution)

0.04 % (220 nm NaI 10 g/L aqueous solution)

0.02 % (340 nm NaNO2 50 g/L aqueous solution)

0.02 % (370 nm NaNO2 50 g/L aqueous solution) (10 mm cell)

Baseline stability

±0.0004 Abs/hour (Response: slow; wavelength: 250 nm; lamp on greater than two hours; stabilized room temperature)

Baseline flatness

±0.0006 Abs (Value obtained after instrument baseline correction with a temperature variation of less than 5o C; wavelength range: 200 to 1000 nm; response: medium; scanning speed: 400 nm/min [based on JAIMA Standard JAIMAS-0001])

RMS noise

0.00006 Abs (0 Abs; wavelength: 500 nm; measurement time: 60 sec; response: medium)

Power requirements

105 VA

Dimensions and weight

486(L) x 441(W) x 216(H) mm (excluding accessories)

15 kg


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